Tuesday , August 16 2022

Apple: That is why iPad Pro can replace your computer! | Qooah


Apple has announced in the YouTube for YouTunbe, "iPad Pro will explain why your computer has 5 reasons." Why Apple Has to Say About It? CEO Tim Cook said that he would do his daily work with iPad Pro.

As you can see from the ad, Apple easily replaces the computer with iPad Pro for five reasons: 1. The A12X Bionic processor's newest product, iPad Pro, looks like a desktop computer. By many points, the A12 processor is much stronger than some thin and lightweight laptops. In order to provide a multimedia multimedia function, various cameras, musical studios, editorial suites, etc. 3. New accessories, great improvements to the creation of Apple Pencil 2. 4. Access to the Internet, support for LTE network, mobile office at any time, 5 new functions, and new gestures when using the computer.

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How do you think these features can replace your computer? It should be noted that the new iPad Pro is expensive as it replaces the full screen.

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