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Beauty Therapy: Prevention of heart failure SGLT2 inhibitors

Suicide friends need to be cautious about heart failure

The American Heart Association (AHA) has recently held an annual meeting in Chicago (USA), and numerous researches have been announced! According to Reuters and Bloomberg, the DECLARE study of diabetes-related clinical trials lasted 4 years on average, and recommendations for future treatment and treatment, including about 17,000 patients, including patients with no cardiovascular disease, were fully completed.

Decreasing mortality or hospitalization by 17%

For decades, patients with diabetes mitigate blood sugar levels for a specific purpose. However, diabetes is a myocardial infarction, optic neuropathy, kidney disease, and so on. such as complications. Among them, the consequences of heart failure are very important and the level of living is only 50% after five years. Therefore, it is possible to control the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the concentration of doctors and patients.

DECLARE study results were published in the United States and published simultaneously in New England Journal of Medicine. The study found that the SGLT2 inhibitor drug decreased the risk of heart failure or mortality by 17% compared with placebo, and also reduced the risk of kidney disease. New prospects for treatment of diabetes are undoubtedly.

SGLT2Wide range of brakes For more sugar friends

Danilo Verga, Senior Cardiovascular and Metabolic Management Director at SGLT2, said: "More than half of all cardiac patients die within five years, ie oncologic parameters.

According to Dr. Steven Vivioat, Senior Research Fellow at Brigg and Women's Hospital, new findings have made significant progress in using SGLT2 to help doctors understand how to appoint physicians. Basal drugs have been used in patients with heart disease. According to the results, Wiviott said that compared with previous studies of patients with heart disease, this new study has shown that many patients will benefit from the use of SGLT2 inhibitor drugs to treat patients.

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