Sunday , August 14 2022

Bianyu promises strong support from Cai's government for "one-country contact" candidate – ETtoday News Cloud

Bianyu calls for 'one-country contact' for strong support from Cai's government ETtoday News Cloud

▲ Former President Chen Shu-bian. (Photo / Reporter Zhang Yizhong) Political Center / Former President Chen Shui-bian announced the list of candidates for "one country in one country" by the 30th Facebook Chen Shui-bian New Brave Story, the Taichung City constituency. Central Election Campaigns Supported in the Election Campaign Democratic bulletins defended national sovereignty, opened up the way for a state in Taiwan, and pledged strong support to the Tsai government. Chen Shui Bian "one country is in contact with one country" and "Taiwan's land, one country and one country", and "a flat matter is a political event and needs to be restored", a political party not associated with a country, and not a faction "he said. The political group, but uniting the ideas and justice forces, shows the courage and bravery of the Taiwanese people to be master of the country and to abandon the leadership of the Communist Party of the continent. Chen Shuui-baian has noted that in recent years, the literary sects of the continent have been frightened by the slogan of the Shane Church, but the people of Taiwan are not afraid, the people's power is infinite, and the "one country simultaneously" is even more. So, in the end of the year, full support for candidates for parliamentary elections , to vote for national sovereignty, to support the justice reform of the judiciary and to visit Taiwan. Make the promise of a strong support for the Cai government by opening a Taiwan state. List of recommended countries in the Taichung City constituency. (The photo / flip in a man's book, "Chen Shui-bian New Bold Case") "I Have My Saying …"

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