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Do you seriously consider the golden streams in the cross-front tide? Central Bank President Jan Zingong announced about this in "Finance"


▲ Ян Цзинлон, President of the Central Bank. (Photo / Reporter Yan Zhenzhen)
▲ Ян Цзинлон, President of the Central Bank. (Photo / Reporter Yan Zhenzhen)

Elections begin, the government obstructs money laundering, and three finance ministers come to the legislature on Monday the following Monday (October 22st) and deliver a written report. According to Central Bank President Mr. Yang Jingo, China's Foreign Exchange Fund Management Department is liberalized and has no regulatory powers and measures, but private banks can take risk-based measures to strengthen their remittances.

In the CCP, where it does not meet the purpose of the material, in fact, the client does not affect the transfer of funds, if the client cooperates to provide reasonable explanations and information. The Finance Minister, Water Jiangong, notes that under the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Law on the Prevention of Dangerous Prevention and Control, it is compelled to involve state-monetized banks in transboundary money transfers, but they have to deal with material groups that require information on Taiwanese remittances and material transactions strictly considered. Otherwise it is forbidden to send money transfers, etc., and according to the law, each bank can be respected.

On October 22, the law-yuan Internal Affairs Committee urges the MAC, the Finance Department, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice and other ministries to "verify the government to prevent the effects of foreign funding at the end of the year's elections." Special report on abuse of power through the Golden Flow. Finally, the Finance Committee has called the Finance Ministry, the Financial Management Commission and the Central Bank Heads and the Ministry of Justice to provide special reports on the need to prevent money laundering and the need to abandon the need to strictly review the golden stream in Hong Kong and Macao. .

Until the legislative yuan, three Ministries of Finance report in writing. The Central Bank President, Mr. Yang Jingo, said that China's financial account was opened and the net foreign currency, which does not participate in the conversion of the new Taiwan dollar, is completely free. Foreign currency inflows and trade in goods and services involved in the arrival and departure of new Taiwan currency exchanges are fully free of charge, with direct investments from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the competent authority, as well as the receipt and withdrawal of funds fully free of domestic securities after the foreign investment was registered on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, Its funds are completely free to enter and exit, and the Chinese are financial institutions such as banks, securities, insurance and investment banking through foreign currency.

Jan Ginlong follows the banking sector's money transfers in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Law, Anti-Money Laundering and Control Laws, and Financial Institutions for the Prevention of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and other relevant regulations, followed by the Central Bank's Currency Income and Expenses transactions ". If the client accepts currency receipts, payments, or NT $ 500,000 or more, and the method of accounting for currency receipts and payments or transactions set by the central bank, the contents of the relevant declaration will be reported. The Central Bank's currency data reporting system is presented as a balance sheet of the banking sector.

The banking industry accepts a declaration of material benefits and permits the use of "foreign exchange gains and disbursements" or transactions, and other payments. illegal transfers or remittances. According to Mr. Yang Jingo, the transit of financial and economic affairs is part of the "Taiwan and Main Protocols", if they are subject to the approval of the competent authority, for example, direct investment or finance manager of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Transfer of investment in securities can be processed by the Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning or CIRC license documents and approved by the banking sector.

Jan Jinglong also noted that after March 27, 2017, no adjustments were made to the relevant reporting provisions, and there were no new or revised provisions for money transfers. Thus, money transfers may be made after taking into account the currency declarations of the central banks, with no central and supervisory controls, and private banks can enhance the revision of their remittances in accordance with their risk control procedures.

In the case of money laundering or terrorist threat assessment, financial institutions in different regions will take into account the information released by the international organizations in addition to the national risk assessment report. For areas of high risk or more corrupt, they take appropriate action, based on the risk-based principle, rather than on the purpose of the material.

Moreover, in fact, if the client collaborates to provide reasonable explanations and information, it will not affect the transfer of funds. At the moment, the Bank does not perform the respective transactions or transactions if the customer is properly audited or financed based on the financial flow, unless the Bank uses the AML / CFT corrective action or high risk, and takes appropriate steps to conduct business and business. Impress.

In his written report, Finance Minister Su Jenrong, co-operates with public funds forbidding money-laundering and anti-terrorist operations, and confirms the senders and payers information in accordance with relevant provisions for dealing with money transfer transactions and understanding of remittances. Also, for high-risk customers or money-laundering suspects, suspects are still suspicious of money laundering or terrorist trafficking, and customer background and daily shopping patterns and other factors, Suspicious transactions.

Water Gianconn said that public funds belonging to the Ministry of Finance should carry out transboundary money transfers in accordance with money laundering and counterfeiting laws and regulations, and that Taiwan companies are not particularly strict about money transfers and savings requiring material cross-transactions. Voucher, otherwise import or import is prohibited. In addition, the Ministry of Finance is a joint stock company and generally respects the compliance of banks with laws and regulations and, in accordance with the regulations of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering and Anti-Money Laundering, invites.

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