Tuesday , January 31 2023

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IESF Legends in Taiwan. (Photo / General Assembly)

In the EESF World E-sports Championship Legends League, our team has taken the fourth place in the quarterfinals (10). Commentary The Chinese team of Tsio has won the championship because there are players and coaches with old experience like BeBe and Baker, but the work of the South Korean team is not humble and it is difficult to say that tomorrow will be dead.

As one of the hottest groups in the IESF race, the Chinese team prevented the group from climbing smoothly. In the state of Mecklenburg, the first battle in the Cold War, eight teams and Sweden played three games to win.

That's when Tsio lost the Chinese team to Mexico, but the strength of the opponent is far stronger than his opponents in practice. He talked with BeBe, and lately the gravitational center of the team was thinking of seeing a "Mars" player.

The middleweight champion of China "LS Legends" at the IESF World Championship on Electronic Sports (unquestionably defeat). (Picture of Huang Jianlin)

"The way Lyon Maru was chosen to his famous Regal Corner, he just smashed his opponent. Then the game should not be smooth enough, so the team can continue to develop, and if so, see how the middle line BeBe works.

Also, Tsio, this time, is not equal to the strength of the team, despite the fact that, when choosing the main angle, the outcome of all 16 competitions is 2: 0, which shows the team The difference between the team and the team is where the Chinese team whether it is signed or not.

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