Wednesday , March 22 2023

Gogoro Launches New S2 Adventure, S2 Café Racer for Performance and Various Tastes


Gogoro is among the most complete S Performance products in the series, highlighting the productivity of the series. In Gogoro's 6th Edition, S Performance has introduced two new, unique, and unique Gogoro S2 Café Racer and Gogoro S2 Adventure products for both the performance and the taste.

Gogoro S2 Café Racer

Gogoro S2 Café Racer respects Street Classics and café Racer for a long time explains the knight's style. The car's color is of classic brown brown, and the front panel is made of artificial leather, like a gentleman with a leather jacket, minimalist and smooth Maruness glasses and classic terminal mirrors, which effectively reduces wind resistance and is a pure sight. The jacket is equipped with a new AIRFLOAT airbag, and the front panel is made of artificial leather that provides high elastic support, which reduces the effective range, reduces movement pressure, and the "Café Racer" aluminum alloy has a lot of unique tastes.

Gogoro S2 Adventure

The main feature of this release is the Gogoro S2 Adventure, its unique nude style, the rug pad, the black shine, the rear view mirror, the high handle and the hexagon lamps. And the use of fog-black paint aluminum alloys and bird's soils to create a strong visual style.

Gogoro S2 Adventure also has the word "Adventure", which is equipped with AIRFLOAT airbags to remove discomforts on the sports road, with an aluminum alloy on the side of a special note board. In the rear details, the shelf from the high strength alloy material extends the rear boot space, and the backlight and the back cover of the rear brake are darker, giving the outside the appearance deeper and more intense.

Gogoro S2 Adventure can take advantage of the performance of S Performance, as well as the excellent adjustment of the suspension except the power and braking system. The front suspension system Gogoro S2 exceeds 35 mm, which effectively improves the shock absorber space, and the high speed damping adjustable suspension system absorbs all the surface impacts at high speeds. In addition, the overall height is up to 30mm, the Caverns are considered much earlier and the road can handle as soon as possible, with the bottom of the car rising to 30mm, flexible to the slopes and different surfaces.

Gogoro S2 Adventure Tour Edition

Gogoro launched the Gogoro S2 Adventure Tour Edition this time with an extra lane style, unique curves and aluminum rugs that look more like a side-by-side look, not only the side edges of the frame, but also the possibility of colliding with the neighboring car during the parking lot and covering rain and moisture effectively , add a waterproof carrier enclosure with 100% waterproof fabric to add a flexible storage space.

Finally, the price suggested by the Gogoro S2 Adventure / Gogoro S2 Café Racer, for example, may begin at NT $ 84,800 / 74,800 after deducting appropriate government subsidies for Taoyuan City customers.

(Source: Gogoro)

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