Thursday , August 11 2022

He said Jiangxi was ready to be responsible for the genetic defect in the second half of his life.


Today, a Chinese scientist has emerged from the Big Ethic and Medical Quandary, Jiangxi. He says genetically engineered two babies are "ready to take responsibility for their entire lives," but many Chinese safe-conducters have asked, "Why are you responsible?"

He argued for the role of associate professor of the South China University of Science and Technology, Zhianuku, because of the leading genealogy of the child's experiments editing. He claimed that two new genetically modified twin sisters were born in November, the first ever immune-spread AIDS in the world.

At the age of 28, Giangyi attended the 2nd International Summit of the Human Genome editorial at the University of Hong Kong and delivered speeches and answered questions from the audience and the media.

According to Cricket, some of the Ethiopians from Australia asked her about the child's future responsibility, as well as questions from the audience because other genetic guidelines for avoiding HIV can be selected, so use genetic editorial embryos.

According to Jiangqi, the genetic refinement experiment not only has to deal with AIDS, but also about people affected by the HIV epidemic, and even educated their children to prevent their HIV infection.

She says, "I'm proud of having my money and energy, and I'm ready to take responsibility for the rest of my life," she said, as she felt the loss of hope for the twin mothers.

According to him, every dollar will be used strictly in accordance with the norms and will guarantee the treatment and evaluation of AIDS prevention and treatment. He also said that two twins would continue to monitor and protect their privacy.

However, the answer of Ji Yanuke has caused many Internet users to compete online. Many people ask, "Why are you responsible?" Some worry that the butterfly may be affected by butterflies, and no one is responsible for it, and others are angry and concerned about "pollution of the human gene pool". Some people will continue to monitor these two twins, if it is lost to Jiangxi.

Netizens has questioned whether these two babies, for example, have been living with uncertainty about life, such as laboratory mice, because gene-processing embryos may not be entirely inaccessible and cause other problems. If both of these twin children continue to be born in the future, they will spread the above-mentioned risks.

Wen Jianlin, a professor of biology at the Baptist University in Hong Kong, has a commercial radio show in Hong Kong and has the potential to create genetic mutations that have a different effect on gene mutations and gene changes and other genes. .

Wen Jianlin also said that the use of genetic processing technology is crucial to prevent the spread of AIDS to the next generation.

(Central News Agency)

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