Sunday , August 14 2022

Hong Hai "Black Swan" is on the same line! 100,000 people lost their jobs … The United States also fired – China Times News


Last week, according to foreign media, Hong Hu's Business Insider Japan (27th) in the United States, Q-Edge, and the United States, with a goal of dismissing up to 100,000, reported by the American media, IBJ (HonHai) Hon Hai Logistics Two subsidiaries in California collected over 155 employees in three months and collected their foundations from factories in Wisconsin.

Hon Ha is the largest Apple product in Apple products, but the iPhone assembly line is unclear about China's customers all over the China, but hopes to dismiss the iPhone mainly because of unemployment, which leads to deterioration in productivity. It depends.

Last week, American media hopes to cut down losses by 20 billion yuan (about $ 89 billion) by 2019, and after the release, Hong Hai opened the first batch of 100,000 people after being released. Hong Hai annually estimates human resources, but next year, Apple's plans to quit the job due to the agreement of the economy and the weakening of the economy will be more active. The death of over 100,000 people in Hong Hai's estimates over the whole of the entire population is generally only possible. Approximately 10% of the workforce is not so important to the group.

Apple and other consumers are expected to ask HonHai to lower the price by 10-20% Apple has been demanding a deal with iPhone over the past few years due to the slow growth of iPhone orders, but Hong Hai is not easy to lower the price. He also said that Apple's orders can not grow in 2019, so the next year's overall prospects for the electronics industry are conservative.

(China Times newspaper)

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