Friday , October 7 2022

Is the first battery explosion on iPhone X? Fuselage burns Free news 3C technology


(Photo / Translation from Daily Mail)

According to "Daily Mail" and "Gadgets360", the US iPhone X user was charged with updating iOS 12.1 while charging. The user also said that he uses the mobile phone's primary wire and charger head.

After the update, he tried to disconnect the charging cable and use the mobile phone, but found that iPhone X was hot and hot, and then the cellphone smoked and then burned. It is black and can see the structure of the internal wireless charging module. He also appeared on Twitter X.

(Picture / Rocky Mohamadali Flip from Twitter)

Apple Response (Roki Mohammadali Twitter figures)

Apple's official Twitter feed responds as follows: Apple's expectations are not clear and Apple hopes to get access to it.

The user has told about Apple's initial responses. According to Apple, this is just the case because iPhone X does not have a problem with overheating.

Last year, the iPhone X was the first to use a suspicious battery after the debut, but at that time, the iPhone 8 appeared in the early days of the market, where there are more than a dozen examples, but the storm had not changed since then. Not as intense as the Galaxy Note 7.

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