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China's Huawei Revocation Invites US Allies to Join! On the 22nd day of the Wall Street Journal, taking into account the threat of cybersecurity, the US government tries to strengthen foreign companies such as Germany, Italy and Japan to avoid using telecommunications equipment in Huawei's wireless network and Internet providers. Increasing Spy Risk.

The daily points out that Washington has lobbied Washington for countries like the United States, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Washington is considering increasing budgets in these countries and providing financial development for telecommunications. Help. Huawei's equipment is widely used in the above-mentioned countries.

Huawei has recently been censored in the United States, and US intelligence agencies have threatened Huawei and other Chinese companies suffer from the Chinese government or the ruling Communist Party, Reuters reports. Satellite and telecommunication networks are used to transmit sensitive messages, but many communications are still based on a commercial network.

Currently many countries are actively building 5G networks. Foreign energy analysts are encouraged by US officials to use Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturers to control it, so Chinese companies have been banned from building a local 5G network, and Australia is now controlled and is now outgoing. German officials have also expressed the hope that the government will take that decision and will focus on potential cyber threats of Chinese companies, such as Huawei.

Currently, Huawei has not responded.

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