Monday , January 24 2022

NBA "Rondo became the first attacker? Lakers are afraid of big problems – Zhongshi News


The Lakers predecessor insulted the tyranosaur, and after the first quarter they scored 25 points (17-42), and the gap between the two reached 31 points (10-41), and both had renewed team history. From the moment you set up the Liquid Shooting Timer, Lakers has never been slaughtered in this area in the first quarter.

LeBron James sent the cavalry off Tyrannosaurus off the playoffs in May this year. The head coach of Torannosaur was also replaced by defensive defenses. Tyrannosaurus has changed his face so he has bought two of the best defensive players, Kawhi Leonard, because Leonard never plays and Lakers really play.

Shakil Oal, a star of the Glory Hall, told Nile that "James will have a painful stroke when he is a new team, because many Lakers attackers are needed, James is always in need of attendees. "Zhanuja Juan is in the first place with 26.8 points, 7.6 gold and 7.7 assistants, so he needs only a few teams to catch. .

Lonzo Balle's "liver" is uncomfortable to listen, and he has returned to the initial position from Rajon Rondo, but I did not expect this result to be much better than Rondo. Rondo scored 11.9 points and 6.6 assists, with 56% moving ahead of the pitch, and 53% ahead of the three points, while 49% and 34% respectively. When you shoot an attacker you have to understand that there is a big problem in the team.

Nill is still optimistic about Lakers: "Lakers can do the second round of playoffs because there are eight places," says James. The final is ready to break the record.

(China Times newspaper)

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