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South China National Palace Museum, Chiai Province, Candidates for Election Candidates Happy | Central News Agency


Central News Location / NOWnews
Central News Location / NOWnews

Central News Agency Reporter Huang Guofang, Chiayi County, 12th place in the southern courtyard of the forbidden city, which is a new opportunity for the development of the Chiay District Candidate Wen Zhangliang, Wu Fangmin and U Yu Yun Chiai County. The number of tourists in the Southern Hospital increases.

Nationalized lawmaker Qi Zhen, China's national legislator Qi Zhen, said in the morning that the banned city in China would be closed for three years. According to the President of the National Palace Museum Chen Jing, cultural monuments to the South Campus (Taibao City, Chiayi District), South and North Courtyards There is no problem with closing.

Weng Zhangliang said that many tourists come to the Southern yard and use transport links to facilitate the development of Puzi City, Taibao and Liujiao Township. After their choice, they will work fully with the New Palace museum, regardless of high-speed rail links, hotels or sights. Full planning for convenient transportation and convenient travel for serial, international tourists.

I hope this is a big problem and new opportunities for the development of Chiai County, and I hope that the Chiai Province Tourism Policy will unite in the future a new Palace Museum and will fully contribute to the development of tourists and cities in Chiai County.

Wu Fangming said that the number of tourists is growing, but South Institute has no space space, many buildings have not yet been completed, planning curatorial space and thinking about the location of the exhibition is the responsibility of the South Campus.

According to him, cultural sights are not absorbed simultaneously, but it is necessary to assess the overall curatorial space of the Southern campus, the exhibition orientation and methods of preserving cultural monuments, as well as the construction of the environment, allowing to collect cultural monuments. Get great presentations and controls.

Wu Yrene stressed the importance of expanding the exhibition space and improving support around the globe. The population is in close contact with local and neighboring countries and cities, and improves overall development. He advised for a long time in the South Kingdom, or in turn, to present important national treasures to attract tourists and help introduce new climate in the tourism industry. (Editor: Li Mingzong) 1071112

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