Friday , September 30 2022

Taichang Jawo International Tournament in Equestrian Sports! 21 countries gather, and players return to praise again Life | Sli News Net SETN.COM


Reporter Lin Yuuen, Cao Shenzhen / Taichung Report

A great race in Taichung! At the end of the race, the park gathered in 21 Asian countries and competed with 38 million international players. Young athletes came out with 105 cm obstacles, after 14-16 levels several players fell to the ground due to mistakes, but they were courageous and full house.

Players sit in the saddle, manage horses quickly, run at speeds, jump, perfect arc in the air, spell 105 cm in height. Nevertheless, Taiwanese players will not miss the chance, and they are very happy.

The Thai players lost their horses, but they immediately rose and beat the whole house.

Despite autumn, the players stood up to win the game. Moderator: "Approach the audience, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

▲ A female female player in Cambodia abandoned the barrier and almost lost her.

A woman from Cambodia stopped the fire in front of the barrier, another woman was disappointed, did not go through barriers, and everyone suddenly fell down, but there was no misfortune.

▲ Women's players have fallen badly, but luckily.

Taejong Huango has competed with 38 millionaires in Houli Racecourse Park, which gathered from 21 Asian countries.

Tourists: "It feels like going abroad." "Outstanding and international with 20 countries."

▲ According to tourists, horse-racing is incredible.

If you do not miss horse racing, you can get acquainted with the skiing experience at the Houli Racecourse Park, adults riding horses and riding on small horses.

International horsemanship arena, as well as the best Asian players, are not always available on the stage of applause. (Organization: Practice Editor Lee Shaohong)

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