Tuesday , August 16 2022

Taiyang Mitsui Outlet Test Site Cay Tsichug Li Sayuian Do not Marine the Marine Line – Apple Daily


  1. An explosive attic at the Taichung Mitsui Outlet test site, Tsai Tsichug Lu Shuiian, "Do not marine marine line" Apple Daily
  2. Direct hit / Taichung Port Mitsui Outlet test operation on the first day 170 brand shops 60% open ETtoday News Cloud
  3. "Ten thousand tourists came to Fujino, vice president of Taichung Port Mitsui Outlet."
  4. Wait a minute! The only "seeing the Seaview + Ferris Wheel" Eslite Book Store 12/12 ETtoday News Cloud in Taiwan
  5. Taitung Port Outlet Park operates for 12 days
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