Thursday , August 18 2022

The Killing Blood Mode mode detects "hidden" secret skills, but also helps to bleed.


Perhaps fans of the Red Dead Redemption 2 may be interested in coming online, but these news will definitely turn your attention. To be honest, some players do not conceal Arthur's "naked," but less effort.

According to Reddit's S10Px Net Networks, he found the inspiration of the previous Grand Theft Auto 5 game mechanics,Game finished spoilerher

Please do not worry about the players who have not broken the breakdown at all.Also, do not forget to archive before use, as it is the price of a secret use.

First, go to Van Horn and go to the city to bring all the Van Horn residents in the city first if you do not go into the bathroom and pay 25 cents for a bath to get this secret. Kill the light and you will not be rewarded when blood is killed.

Second, you can go back to the front of the bathroom, cut off the first person's view, turn the fire extinguisher in front of the sauna, and do not turn the bath into a bath.

Third, throw the bottle on the tub in the bath, then open the door to start the scene, and Arthur should be thrown into the fire. If you tell the truth, it is burnt by the burning bottles.

Fourth, after Arthur's death and resurrection, Arthur is naked. Although Arthur's clothes disappeared, all the things you collected were gone and Arthur's "big brother" disappeared.

Finally, you go to Annesburg to the north, allowing you to open an airplane and arrest yourself. When you are released, you can stop "naked" progress.

Let's just note why the S10Px brain can play this mistake, but it's ridiculous but funny – Arthur's nudity is in every western city, but it does not have a "special reaction" of the NPC.

If you want to see your friend, archive it.

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