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By the end of the year, nine of them will cast a two-week vote count, many artists have expressed their opinion on Facebook, Ella (Chen Jiahua), who has always been worried about her colleagues, posted a long 400 words on Facebook. Her husband asks why she should do this, and if Jinbao insults her sexually, she regrets when she expresses her opinion, so she decides to go back to the public again this month. Days of using the most practical ways to change the future.

Ella, Chen Jiahua, Gay, referendum, Ginbao / Ella has become Facebook

▲ Ella wrote a letter of equal rights to marriage. (Photo / Ella flip from Facebook)

After sending 400 words long, Ella repeated her voice on Facebook and threatened at school, shouting, "Mother, what am I doing? I'm sorry that he did nothing but give me a vote, and he grabbed it. "Sorry, Mum does not work enough", so she decides to be a good mother and calls her mom. "We can not solve the lives of our children or their fate, but we can give them a good environment, respect for mutual respect and tolerance."

Ella, Chen Jiahua, Gay, referendum, Ginbao / Ella has become Facebook

▼ ▲ Ella supports all the mothers and creates respectful and diverse conditions for them. (Photo / Ella flip from Facebook)

Ella / FB

Ms. Ella says the sittans were impressed by the fact that "Thank you for your child's future!", "Ginburne is happy with your mother", "This is true love!", "Hard work." As a social figure, it's not easy to be proud of you. " , – he says, but, of course, there will be some opposition, some say they are SHE fans, but now they are their mother, and there is no chance for her son to come back. A woman is a child who believes that it is inconsistent with ethics and is so polite to have her say differently: "In my opinion, because they are mothers, they love everything, but each one is different in every way. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post "I hope everyone can come up with different ideas and talk." I hope you can use all of this carefully, as it does not interfere or attack me. I'm looking forward to this, so I've lost my point. "

▼ ▲ Ella hopes to have everyone come to terms with different voices. (Photo / Ella flip from Facebook)

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