Wednesday , December 8 2021

You can use the golden phase of diabetes prevention through an insulin resistance test Taiwan English News


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Every 8 seconds in the world, one person died of diabetes, the prevalence rate over the age of 65 was 29.9%, and one in four had an illness. In 2017, the number of patients with diabetes in Taiwan has exceeded 2.3 million and has grown to 25,000 per year and has become a diabetes world. From a new perspective on preventive medicine, preventive preventive medicine has become a new cure for the disease.

Annually, 6-22% of patients with diabetes mellitus suffer from diabetes as patients with no obvious symptoms often do not enjoy it, but in recent years, medical evidence has proven that a preclinical diagnosis can be verified and evaluated through the Index of Endurance Indulgence. According to more than 5,000 known health care centers, patients with an index of insulin resistance index (HOMA-IR ≥ 2), although sugar is normal, are still at risk for five diabetes mellitus.

The main cause of insulin resistance is the excess fat, especially in patients with internal contaminated fats, fat and fat. Most patients with diabetes … often do not respond well to insulin, causing "insulin resistance" and the pancreas compensates more insulin to reduce blood sugar.

Ma Wenya, MD, if the impedance index is 5, suggests that the body releases 5 times insulin to lower blood sugar levels. 5 times insulin is not produced in the cell aging, and the sugar in the blood grows.

Preventive diabetes (insulin-resistant) 15 years later, up to 60% turn into diabetes and the most effective way to improve insulin resistance – increase the muscle mass, improve body composition and improve blood sugar metabolism.

According to Dr. Li Saiji, diabetes is not just hereditary, but also linked to diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits, as well as identifying symptoms, understanding the golden age, and initiating early stages of recovery.

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