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1.2 Money, which helps to save energy on iron.


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<h2>        Thailand's Weightlifting Association has donated 123,385,50 Baht to Thai tribal federations in Thailand. Pollen to repay the debt. Education credit is over. </h2>
<p>        "Encouragement," says Maye Gene Innarut Idmai, Honorary President of the Weightlifting Association in Thailand. Thailand continues to enjoy prestige. But today's life has to face challenges. The Tran Homeland Accommodation Association, surrounded by many illnesses, is regularly coordinated with Mrs. Pollen. For the best help. </p>
<p>        On November 17, the Association sent delegates to encourage sports schools in Trang. Mrs. Kaisorn is a charitable aid in the amount of 123,985.50 bytes to repay the loan to obtain a credit (education) loan to obtain a bachelor's degree. Sport Science Institute of Physical Education Sukhotay town </p>
<p>          General Jirasak, two of the Association's members, along with Song Songhai Vongvadhana, songwriter Thung Song, and Director of the Tang Sports School, Phisit Chanrungsee. And so wonderful Utay Thani Sports Competitions The solemn ceremony was given the same day. </p>
<p>          Dear President of Thailand Weightlifting Association, President of Thai Sports Association Mr. Tirachai Voutiam. In this regard, we gave Mrs. Misson 10,000 bats. </p>
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