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"10 Watches Dive" to power short


"10 Watches Dive" to power short

The weather in the Chiang Mai district of Poio province has been frosty, according to the Phayao journalists on November 9. Sales of clothes and ice cream have doubled. To help warm the body is to eat. The restaurant is a cold wind, it's only 10 miles deep in Chang-Ham district!

Mr. Vinay Kautitay, 45, is a holder of Saen May Saengchan No. 326, Chiang Mai Province of the province of Phoenix, Chiang-Pan district, Mo-10 said he would like to spend money on people with lower income. You have cheap dishes, so think about the menu «10 hours diving"Customers can eat. There is also live music. Make soup and soup yourself. Due to fish taste it is consumed by consumers.

Mr. Mr. Weiwei "10 hours per hour « Available for more than 20 menus serving pork, meat, vegetables, fresh vegetables in clay crockery. If you like spices, you will have sauce and sausage sauce. To add more.

Mrs. Nataline Norida, who came with her family and friends. It was said that the shop had 10 sunsets. Healing Crispy Tastes Both children and adults can eat. The price of the plate is only 10 minutes, but the whole family, but only 100 music for the music, so listen to the cold weather. I'd like to invite you to try it out.

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