Saturday , April 1 2023

After being over 12 years old, his father, Jay Jay Son, was in the center of the eucalyptus farm.


Eucalyptus plantations owner was found dead in a 12-day video of a baby boy.

In the case of loss of a vocational education institution under the age of 18, Phanomsarakham Vocational College, Chachoengourg province, disappeared from March 4 and over for more than 12 days, and the incident took place in Pakhan Saraamam District, Nong Yao District, Bang Jong.

Mr. Hampchanchi Pangchan said that Din's father had called her on March 4th at 08.00 after her son had been disappeared. Until one hour, she was unable to contact her. According to Mr. Hamhan, Din never fought against anyone. On the day of the disappearance, Long Long sleeves wearing a helmet And driving your friend's motorcycle

March 16 at 3 pm Sanam Chai Ket police station, police officer Phoonchai Churat, Khao Hin Son police chief Colonel Natan Chantahun, inspector Sanam Chai-Kat police station inspects men's body on the meadow territory in the eucalyptus garden. At the monastery of Hao Hin Ham, Sanam Chai District of Chaozzheno Province, Ta Kraan District, Mo 1 Coordinated Phanom Rescue Service

Death scene in this case was in the case of a red long sleeve dress with a good logo on the pizzeria hut logo The dead body was found in about 10 meters of herbs found on the grass, WAVE 125 R, red, black, registration number, K-625, Chachoengsao . The body of a Disabled Hansan or dean's pupil was found to have disappeared. Along with the little ones, the clothes and clothes that came with the motorcycle Compare the testimonies of friends who had been in the scene a day before the event

Even Mrs. Hamkun Chai Peng Chan Mister's Father Visited the Body The corpse was confirmed by Haadasidin's body as the body of the deceased. Last lost on March 4, he also regretted it. And do not worry that this is the case But be satisfied Let's be a police officer to arrest suspects for prosecuting criminals.

The owner of the Eucalyptus plantations found that Prasit Wong Surin's body was cut. Cut off the self-controlling Eucalyptus leaves. In his fields, he had an unpleasant odor at the time, but he still did not find it. Even eucalyptus leaves fall into someone's farm On the side Then he cut and found the body. Before requesting a verification of authorities

Police officer Nykirat Changtahun, inspector Sanam Chai Ket Police Officer Description of Organs Natural Death Not Normal Death Found Not Found Eucalyptus Farm Usually there are no people in the car. Initially examined the burial condition The traces of the trauma were found Even though the body was partially discharged, Hassan died at least 7 days, and the issue was settled on two issues, namely, the dispute of a group of friends, at the request of a physician who came to the first examination. Hassan was arrested in 2017 for drug trafficking in Mauang Chachoenshao District. The police investigated the case. Someone already had this murder investigation Attempted at least two or three people to go on the move Ready to make a statement Give evidence to determine the cause of death for a doctor. Provide several instructions for verification.

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