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Another screen! Money Channel Announces Closure 1 January 62


Another screen! Money Channel Announces Closure 1 January 62

November 28, correspondent. Money Channel The 24-hour economic and investment channel is fully broadcast live from the transmission room. Stock Exchange Stock Exchange in Thailand The Thai Stock Exchange ("SET") is a subsidiary of GMM Grammy, FamilyShew Co., Ltd. As a Producer Recently another screen has appeared. The first broadcast on April 29, 2005

In this regard, Family Noh Co., Ltd. Notification of broadcast ceasefire. By Noh Co., Ltd. for stopping the company broadcasting Manni Chan's TV channel. Starting from January 1, 2019, due to changes in the current communication technologies. It encourages investors to access capital market information through digital media. Variety is fast.

At present, digital media has played an important role in providing additional information. Mane Chanel This is the core business of the Company. Cable TV and satellite TV. Media consumption patterns change rapidly. That 's why the company. Mane Chanel Broadcasting. Effective from January 1, 2019. We are looking for partners and suppliers.

Thank you for your support. Everything is fine. For more information please call 02-009-9988 (Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00).

Facebook users also use the "Kiat Panipaisarnkit" Monetization message finishes broadcasting – we talked on the phone to call top management. All channels are approved for end of broadcast. It will be distributed until Friday. (Some today say it), the station is a partnership between the stock exchange and GRAMMY, so the board agreed to stop broadcasting.

Please follow up the prospect and keep track of it. I must say that this is really good. This station is a channel of knowledge dissemination for many beginners. There is an initial level of education for early investors. Many intermediate elements are high. In fact? Too many roads. Location uncertainty. This is always true.

"I would not work a lot because conversations with slots disappeared. Monday morning 9.05-9.10 / Money 360 Monday Monday 19.45-20.00 / Money We are on Wednesday night 20.20-20.30, but I do not think about broadcast time. It is part of everyday life. I had to go to the cinema on the phone. An interview with a restaurant or hotel restaurant.

I got an interview with Chung Rai. This is a very rich memory. What's the end? But it does not depend on loss. We must keep up the good news. Thank you Every team that works for me. It is a great experience and a great value for me all over the years.

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