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Apple Iconsiam launched the first Apple Store in Thailand


Apple Iconsiam, an official Apple Store in Thailand, is located in Iconson's Canyon Frya River. Officially opened for the visitors this morning (November 10, 2018).


Iconsiam – November 9, 2018 is a great new shopping mall, and a free car and boat was organized. To make the customer easier. Tourists and tribes all support tourists.

Thank you for the Prachachart Business business pictures.

My choice was to carry the BTS at Sapa's Thakssen station. Then come to Samor's Pier. I hope to use free shipping. (In particular, this is the best way to do it since Iconsiam is open for transportation that may be full on the first day.)

I was not worried before I was confused with other ships. I would like to tell the staff. Use the waiting point as Asiatique (described below).

Since I started my journey from 9 am, there are not many people. Wait a few minutes to get to the boat. Take a look at Iconsiam. Convenient as possible.

Apple Iconsiam

When Iconon arrived at Pierce (about 9:15 am), I went to Apple Iconsiam to get a special section of the staff. (Since Iconsiam is officially opened)

When it comes to the beautiful view of the Chao Frya River. Maybe it looks like there's a long line of people who are interesting and early in the morning. Some have waited 6 out of 7.

There are even many people. But I think that Apple is struggling with many people, trying to fight it. Many foreigners are expecting to speak with foreigners. And the staff will let you take pictures of people who are coming to Apple's image. (As you can see, the authorities have asked permission from the people at that time.)

The wide and beautiful view of the Chao Frya River is something else that can be regarded as a great advantage. This will make it easier for people who will be able to shoot the atmosphere around.

Experience the first Apple Store in life. "He is full of energy"

This is a place where Apple is eager for people who are willing to wait. Many operators that support the work environment. Employees who regularly communicate with clients. And applause, applause, and use of body symbols. There are also people who took part in the launch of Apple Iconsiam. It's not just the participants.

Even some rains. But with good intentions.

Wow! Have you ever met the IT Chattva Vichet Chatchavalwong IT as the host on the 3rd channel? The picture may not be clear.

When the door is opened. Long lines move faster. Do not let people wait longer. The staff stood at the door. The top five stars welcome visitors to Apple Iconsiam and make the guests enjoy optimum power.

There is a gift box in offline mode. Includes Apple Iconsiam (USA), Apple Iconsiam Magnets, and Apple Iconsiam labels.

Apple Iconsiam is a symmetrical arrangement, decorated in an elegant style, with elegance, comfort, with green eyes and nature. And lighting really takes photos.

Available to visitors of the Apple product, see it with many employees. Stay alert for different ethnicity. XS, XS, XR, Apple Watch Series 4, iPad Pro (2018), MacBook and many more.

All other accessories are also available. It looks like Apple fans with a real taste. Do not order online.

But today, with the people who came to Apple Iconsiam (in fact, it's really stumbling across all the shops), so sometimes there are customer service personnel. Nevertheless, I appreciate the readiness, patience, enthusiasm and consistency of all employees in Apple Iconsiam.

Different Sessions

One of the key features of the Apple Iconsiam is training for those who are interested in Apple's inspiration. To view the table and register for the session, click the link below. Every day there will be an interesting session.



True, Apple Iconsiam is one of the most comprehensive portions of Iconsiam today and also in surrounding areas. You can easily see Apple Iconsiam as it will never float on the two floors.

Not only that, it is of interest to the outside world of Photographers. And sit well.

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