Wednesday , October 5 2022

DEMCO Total revenue for 9 months amounted to 3 493.62 mln


Pongsak Siripat ok3

Mr. Mr. Pongsak Siripuk, Demco Public Company Limited or Managing Director of DEMCO Overall, the 3Q06 revenue was Bt62.91mn, the total revenue was 1,034.17 million, and in the first nine months of 2011 the net profit amounted to $ 191.22 million. Increased by 27.06 The total revenue was $ 3 493.62 million. Up to 6.42%

The Company has increased both revenues for 9 months of operating results.The net profit is partly dueSharing profitEspecially the wind energy project.In Q3 27,71 million Bakh 87,22 mln

For Productivity View.2018 and the rest of 2019, the company is confidentGood growth Company is preparingPower Plant Power Supply System.Electricity parity.The cost of the Thailand (EGAT) project is estimated to be around $ 10,000 million.(PEA) around 6,000 to 7,000 million bpd abroad.The latest investigation is ongoing.Construction of power plant.High voltage transmission lines and systems. Myanmar 300-400 million The company has announced a quotation.It is expected that.In recent years too. The company is looking for opportunitiesInvestment in diversification of sources of income for Myanmar and Lao PDR.And risk reduction.Local contractors are considered to be sprays.In the future

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