Sunday , October 17 2021

Doctor Ruán Chuan "Meteor King of Christmas" November 17-18.

In 2001, a meteor shower was recorded by Mr. Sveta Petchme
Dr. Duane Meteor Shower The King of Meteor's Christmas, 17-18, 10-15 maximum per hour. Avoid the lunar eclipse See the bare eye in Thailand. Northeastern Lions stars cluster

The Ministry of Science and Technology of the National Institute of Astronomy, Chulachomklao "Meteor Rain King – the Meteorite King" will be open from midnight on Wednesday, November 17th to midnight 61 .61 Lowest rate of decline is 10-15 rpm. The contest is good. Look at the naked eye in Thailand. Northeastern Lions stars cluster Looking in the dark is clear.

Supark Kantan, head of the Astronomical Research Center, says the meteor shower or meteor shower is a meteor shower each year in November. From November 17, 2018, north-east is observed from midnight till November 18, 2018. Square at the lyceum. In those nights, even the night is over. But it returns to the horizon at 1:30 am.

"So, the best time is after 2. The average fall of 10-15 per cent of meteor shower in Leo is the brightest meteor shower. Moving into the atmosphere at a speed of 71 kilometers per second Interest in watching the beauty of night meteorological phenomenon «

Mr. Suparerk added: Meteors should be dark, light or farther. Propose a sleeping clock While the meteor shower splits into the sky. Meteor shower. Can not show the route. Expect the camera, open it, and hold the meteor shower. Stakeholders can prepare and equip it in time.

Meteor Shower 55P Tempel-Tuttle laugh passes through the orbit of a star earth and remains in the tailed orbit. These comet dusts are absorbed into the Earth's atmosphere. It burns like a firefly through the sky. The meteor shower orbit directs the Earth's orbit around the sun. The dust particles that come into the atmosphere are very fast. Speed ​​up to 71 miles per second. Meteor shower This is the brightest meteor shower. He was invited. "Meteor shower king"

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