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Take Sisacket's brother to the wedding door and then "data-caption =" Sisaket's wife brings her to the wedding door ". /> </figure>
<h2>Chao Laem Sisaket Metropolitan Promotion Thai World Champions On the morning of November 11, the young woman's wife was invited to take part in a wedding ceremony in the Philippines, Candlewell Chufon. This is a wedding party.</h2>
<p>        On the 11th of November, at 06.45 am, Sisaket City Campaign "Chao Leem". WBC World Superbike Champion asked his girlfriend This is a good thing. Also 319 Moo 4 Wang Wang, Lang Suan, Chumphon, that is a religious ceremony, which is a bride's house. Mr. Dad and Miss Bown Bholnani. And Mr. Mr Jamiska, Father and Mother Ms. Ratarat Wang. Meet the relatives and honorable guests who came to congratulate the bride and groom. In the evening a wedding is held.</p>
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