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Help the Heavenly Home Shrine shelter.


Help the Heavenly Home Shrine shelter.

November 20 Your Majesty His Excellency the King thanked Thanksgiving and thanked Colatel Tavatha Srikoda, the Head of the Department of Gallat Chandrasen and the Cattle Breeding Department. 904 In the morning, His Majesty King Bhumibol Aduljaj is pleased to announce the following: The Lampang Police Station, the Province of Limpang in the province of Laspeng, the province of Limpang, the province of Limpang, and the city of Srikipatima in Lampang province. Head of government And female populations. Welcome to the monk's morality in the temple.

Because the temple was used as a place for animals. It is a shelter for dogs. Including cat and catastrophes, he called for fruits. Animal Watches were donated to Wot Wualuangaram and a homeless dog shelter. "Home Adoption House" provides housing. Dogs Asylum I need to simplify the initial difficulty. For those who have abandoned pets, dogs and cats. Winner of the Phra Maha Vichai Akkottech, Wu Wu Wanaram, heads four monkeys to participate in the award ceremony.

There are many stone dogs and cats in Lapangang. There are some people. And monasteries Get rid of simple pets. The state of the house and the temple was a haven for dogs and cats. According to the data, Lambang houses and temples have a lot of homeless animals: Wat Vuwanaram. And there is a house in the Mountain near the Temple.

There are more than 280 dogs and cats in Watt Wu Wanaram. There are 350 homeless dogs and more than 630 domestic animals. It is very expensive. Food prices are about 6 bags or 120 kg per day. No budget for all animals. Charitable charity continues to help.

Your Majesty Concerned about social tragedy. Both pets (temporary shelters) include crooked dogs and cats. He was kind and kind. Present the prize to 904. 45 kg panda parfil rice, 8 packet of food, 20 kg dog food, 110 packet for sick animals, 6 packages and pets for dog care for dog shampoos and candies products. This is not the most beautiful thing.

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