Tuesday , January 31 2023

I do not want to create a group. The government will release palm rubber measures


The Prime Minister has complained of carrying palm-yankees. Farmers are not complaining about giving money to temporarily easing the tragedy. Offer yourself. And understanding the trading context. The government will help everyone.

November 20, at 13.45 in the Government House. The Prime Minister and the Director of the National Peace Corps, General Prui Chanschača, talked about the measures to be taken by the rubber farmers and farmers to help those who suffered from low prices. Palm tree gardening, even coconut today has been discussed at the Government meeting, there are plenty of measures to help farmers in many ways.

Urgent measures, such as purchasing 18 kilograms of palm oil, about one kilo by buying from the yard. Palm oil comes directly from farmers. In the long-term perspective, reaching up to 500,000 tonnes a year, B will increase the use of 20 years of oil, making everyone easier to understand the succession of crop cultivation. Therefore, it is necessary to sort out urgent issues. Short-term, but not always. I have to spend a lot of money to keep myself missing.

Prime Minister Suvid Hunattii said in a statement that Thailand had a $ 4.6 million rubber crude rubber. Tons of rubber produced, not 700 thousand tons, but nowadays it is estimated at 6000 tons and makes 4 million tons. It allows exporting tonnages abroad. In general, we have a lot of rubber than any other country in the world. Thus, depending on the number of rubber prices, we need to strengthen our focus on the issues of land improvement in the field of attack.

At present there are measures to be taken by the Natural Risks Committee. There are no more than 15 relief supplies in the country, and additional measures for the use of rubber will be used in the country. But if the cost is high, you have to do everything in the tire. The price of the product will be more expensive. The government is already losing money, first of all, urgent measures to help farmers. Then take care of the operator who needs help to take care of all the sectors.

The Prime Minister said that today the coconut palm and the Ministry of Commerce have provided the measures. And they ordered each point in each section to unite the problem of illegal import of agricultural products into the country. It must be successful in the arrest and execution. We need a security policy to be shared. Use to use the Internal Security Partition (ISOC). Other urgent issues. However, it should not affect the overall effect.

The Prime Minister dwelled on farmers' protests. On November 19th, I will discuss this meeting. This is a great deal of money. No objection The government cares about everything. It is clear that all things in the state of the state are temporarily alleviating the suffering. What I want is Correction of Self and understanding of the Context of Trade and Investment.

Everyone knows where the global economy is. Many countries have problems. Many countries are good, but very few. We are in good shape. The most important issue is the need to look at the details of the draft law on welfare of the population.

However rubber and palm. The government must help. Including other crops. Then ask what is the only solution to the problem, and then it is over. But this government is ready to solve many rubber palm trees for many things. The problem is the entire system.

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