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I have a lot of charity.


I have a lot of charity.

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I do not understand how to donate. Attack the police and find the police to find a lawyer Ratapon. Villagers provide a caravan as a communication tool. I want to go back to Buffalo …

34-year-old Surat Puanet, in the case of residents of the district. Sukam Bess, Nakh, Chai Nat, placed the picture with social pictures. It shows the love of Buffalo, the name of the intelligent and smiling gold. Throughout your favorite night of people in the social world. Later, buffalo owners sell. And give Surat a chance. If you want to take this buffalo. Create 100,000 bucks for this buffer. Mr. Surat brought this story and collected money to buy this buffalo. Many philanthropists pay for the successful purchase and purchase of this buffalo.

Later, the Prime Minister, Sukubvit 5. Bornertt Kangpakde, Mr. Jin Khan, a lawyer from Buffalo, Buffalo, went to Cao Nao's authority on the basis of fraud. Scam Surat With Pung Ket Ogg Klang, in 2018, brought the buff from Kana Ba Yaoga to the center. He and his family then held a meeting with the Office of the Prosecutor's Office for the promotion of human rights and legal assistance in the province of Chainat, seeking justice. News already exists.

According to the reporter, today, November 29, 2061, at 12.00, Surat Fuent Ket or his younger brother, 2018, went to a wagon with his wife. And donors provide financial documents. In order to meet with the researcher Cann Yaya, they need to be honest. This is a gold ring. So hurry up to find.

In 2018, his older brother, Surat Puente, found that he brought charity documents with philanthropists. Try to prove honesty. Attending a meeting with lawyer Ratchapol Sirisak and Kan Dan Yao to help with legal advice. Now they have comfort. Since yesterday. In the social world people have friends in the village. Include him as a close friend. Ban Nongham also brought 5 color and red cloths. Come with them to encourage them.

"Thanks to all of you for being grateful and fighting. Make Yourself I want to develop a village to get people to know. And I'm ready. Well, because we see it. I would like to emphasize that I want to eat buffalo here. Give your friends a smile. I see the same old age, "he said in 2018.

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