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I'm not sure this was the case.


I'm not sure this was the case.

Theater Red Tanja Wachirangun Manage castrate Currently, Yaa Russ drug industry, Ken Phu landscape Nakai's interview with the 400-million film festival surpasses her expectations. Update the illness of the Director Aof Pong Pat The first trip.
By Red "NAKA 2 was very successful. We need to be strong. We do not think we can achieve this problem, but from the first day in public view. We were astonished by this. We thank the media. We support Thailand and the future. "

Success has surpassed our goal?
Red "Oh, that's too much. We are very happy every day. From the first day to 50 million surprised. Thai movies are now easy, and we know that economy is not good. But this is a success, we think it will encourage it. We Must Go For The Future of Thai Films «

This is the first time I told you.
Red – "He asks when he is sent everyday. Perhaps one blow, two blows still do not sleep. I asked for a movie or not. I'm afraid you'll lose. I just want to give you a start. He was worried about the issue. I thought about earning a living. But today is enough for me to come in (laughs). 1,000,000,000 (Laughing) He loses his worries and sleeps. Do you think that development will develop rapidly?

Are there any 100 million actors per actor?
Yaya – "I'm glad to be here, and people are not expecting to see a movie before the movie. Have a good day at the movie theater. He told me that Duan was waiting for 2, and he was very happy. I think it will be a success. Thank you. The Reds have called me to join this issue.

How do you know?
Ken – "People are very similar. From adolescents to elders, I asked if I had not been to a mall before. He came to see the first one. But not alone.

How do you feel about watching this movie in Thailand?
Ken – "Thank you very much for the team. I'm glad to be successful.
Profit "I do not know how to say it. I think that feeling is not the same as everyone else, happy, surprising, proud and amazed. "

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Is this bad person?
Red "There were only 200 million at that time, and I made a podium for you. And now it creates history. Everyone who came to see Naga worked with us. We work for that money. "

1000 million
Red "If so, then dance (laughs). I do not know what to do.

Are fans asking for the third part?
Red – "Come! No, I do not have to think about it. It was not easy. All participants are already full. I still do not know what to say, but I have to wait for the good news. I do not know what to say, but I do not know what to do. Now he knows very well. But the legs are not very good. "

What's this?
Red "Conversation and annoying. I do not know what to do. The doctor says the hand is the heaviest. Because the muscles are good. But this should be good. His mind is. Today he is invited to visit. We did not ban it again. He wanted me to thank the staff and the actor, who continued to supervise. She told me recently. But we do not appreciate everything. It works physically every day. The hospitality of Hospital H Hospital is still dense and Acupuncture, Massage, Compression and more. Everything is made, it feels good, it does. But do you come back to a hundred percent? We can not say. But it should be as good as possible. It is a daily mirrored mirror. Everyday, many songs are sung around ancient recordings. Do not Like To Festive Events «

Can we free ourselves?
Red – "Because we work together, this is a bit of tension. But now it is much better. But this house should be a chef. I need to go alone for a walk. If it collapses, roll it. It is thin, because it was fat. Because the doctor did not eat a lot. Do not try high sugar. I felt lost in weight 5 kg, but it started. It looks like he's coming back again.

The Aof Pong Pat First 400 million films appeared at the presentation of the Nami 2 film festival, and then thanked the scene staff. «First of all, my life is a dream. But this work is successful, because we have real people and talented people. The first person was Nicholas and Ken Thyat, the leading actor, Eid Puffy Matton, and then became the second photographer to draw our needs. I do not know what to do. This suit, ink, art, then M PICTURES, then CGI and the last hand of our team. We can not exclude CGI before. And this is CGI in Thailand. We were all surprised at this work. People ask why they see the movie, why we all want to.«

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