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I'm not sure this was the case.


I'm not sure this was the case. The family of the victim complained to the authorities.

The girl, who was dumped with her 12-year-old daughter, took a taxi to the hospital and refused treatment. Last but not poisonous wounds. 2 died before being hospitalized. (See all news, click here)

On Nov. 11, 61, Mr. Ricardo Armadillo Rutland, president of the club for criminals, is streaming live on Facebook. The criminals support center claims that today we ask the hospital to comment. Conflict between. I and a hospital advisor do not want to sue the agent. What happened today This means that the agent who came to the conversation is perfected. It did not happen. But his daughter died.

"I would like to see two taxi drivers coming to my mother and father tomorrow (November 12), and I will meet with two taxi drivers, who will be able to serve as a model for the community. The first car saw a painful mother. He says he had been hit by a slaughter in his nearby hospital. I'm not sure this was the case. View Profile Медбике таксиге жардам берди. She says you have another social security hospital to be afraid of the hospital. Calls for an ambulance. Do not cancel the taxi.

Mr. Geny said we had a second clinical trial. The girl, who had sprinkled with acid, died in a taxi. This shows that the hospital advisor did not say. He does not have this event. But his words were like a 12-year-old boy who said he was a hospital advisor. He must say I have to say Condolences this investigation is currently underway.

"I can not stand this doctor. I swear, but your words are morally unfair, no apologies. The affected family will be delivered to the Ministry of Health tomorrow. I am writing a book to the Medical Council. Make a book for nursing advice. Hospital Administrators' Complaints Book Bangkok Governor is required by construction permits of Bangkok. Directorate of Revenue Directorate Appeal to the hospital administrator. «

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