Wednesday , May 25 2022

"Jas – Sagar Ram" shows that children are born as "Wijji".


"Jas – Sagar Ram" shows that children are born as "Wijji".

The "Young" Chrisarap Tiflitac is called "Vijayaya" in April next year. I am not alone.

The hero of the "young" Sri-Raramppak comedy "Drama" is again seven times. Tik-Kan Rin My wife is pregnant, my first girl, how do we do it, do we have to queue at the time of the baby's birth? Clear Q – the day we have to work, we will go to work, which will be with my mother, my sister and nurse. "Do we want to go to a photo session in the delivery room?" I already have it. We have many friends, we have a lot of friends, and we get this part too. " I found him cold, and he consulted a day before he went on a journey. Many of my friends have children. We can talk We talked with Nusabob Suvanan, we talked. I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do. Do not want to buy the sound? He wrote the script, but I wanted to get a lot. I bought it to really hear it. He feels the time of the ball. Often talking to children. We feel good more motivation. I am caring for my mother today to take care of my wife. Take care of the child. Happy You need to take care of your health if you want to live with your grandchildren. I want to be good. You want to see grandchildren. Is Family Happy? "How much is it?" 3 Last month I'll say that. Dessert I can not eat desserts at the beginning of the bucket, which is eating a lot. But two words, and the rest will be yours. Now set it up in a broken heart problem. The ball is a strong, long-lasting weapon, long legs, high nose. "Our child is a figure. How do you feel? "My father's love is a great mother. I am grateful for my parents' gratitude. He can see us there. We have grown to this day. I want to tremble today. So I try to "name" it. Then call him Vijay, a heroic heroine, who thinks he is a male. If you name a guy instead of a nickname, the place is called time, this time we have a daughter. So we can find something that is good for him, the hero's boldness, because his father is the Savior. all my friends are my daughter, my brother, my brother, my dad, my daughter, my brother, my daughter, my dad, my daughter, my father. Only three of them said, "I've never had a floppy disk. We are just friends. What is an agreement? But we do not like to interact with other people, and I am the child, Charlene, who made me a poodle. I am a lottery, and I am a rude, sister, my girlfriend, and my wife, Phoebe. I disagree. Be easy What do you want to do? I think it's personal. Because others do not work a lot. " After the 7th Drama Drama began working again: »We return to the 7th channel after a long time. In this role I play as a teacher. From the beginning to the end is a talented young lover. The story was about history music. I have to go to school. But I'm not going to be under pressure because it's going to be a difficult one. "

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