Tuesday , January 31 2023

Mio launches a big bike motorcycle big bike sales in 2019


Mio for the first time in Thailand produces a new model for the Mio Mivue M760D motorcycle or Rider Dash camera, with the Bigbike motorcycle market entering the market with great functions to capture and enhance security while driving. Driving is expected at the end of the year, with sales of 10,000 pieces.

Mr. Saran Teeravacicul, Hitech Micro System Co., Ltd. the general manager of the company, the importer and distributor of many high-end automobile chambers, has shown that the overall situation in the automobile market is improving around the world this year. The 10-15%

The total cost of the car market in Thailand last year is only 20-25% of new or estimated cars, about 300 million baths. Instead of buying cheap products from low-quality China, consumers are looking to buy high quality brands and products

Including the Insurance Commission Office (OIC) announced that insurance companies should reduce insurance premiums by 5-10% last year as a constant support factor.

Last launch, front / rear camera, motorcycle or dashboard model Mio Mivue M760D (Solved GPS Rider Dash Cam) Front / rear camera has sophisticated design, no display screen, built-in Wi-Fi can be plugged into a mobile phone, camera's live view functionality can be downloaded and shared with the video without a camera. All SD & SD card must be extracted to record speed coordinates

Optical, front, wide angle of 130 degrees, one more chance, an emergency or an emergency when the user sends the video file to the mobile phone immediately or when the collision (G sensor operates) will be automatically sent to the mobile phone

It is also equipped with 32 Gigabytes (128 Gb) memory, up to 128 Gigabytes. Another important feature of the Mio Mivue M760D is the Sion Starvis. Even if you travel quickly, you can clearly see the car's number at night and have a different lighting than other cameras.

The F1.6 has super night mode: the night vision is 4 times more than usual, and is the only brand new software update available in Thailand via App Mivue (OTA). Card or device for free upgrade of the Pro firmware all the while without removing SD

Premium material, multi-level protection, waterproof and dust-proof layer, IP67, fogger coating, ready for wind or rain, black metal surface round, simple and easy. By rotating 360 degrees, you can adjust the angle freely, with a price of 13,900 hours and a 3-year warranty on the car

Mio Mivue M760D innovation can be used in Bangkok International Big Motor Sales 2019 (Big Motor Sales 2019), Beat Box, BITEC Convention Center, Bang Bok 105 Hall, 17-25 August 2019, from 10.00 to 20.00.

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