Sunday , August 14 2022

Mother's Day I'm lying three days late.


Parents cried aloud for the child to sleep for the last three days.

Another celebrity event People use Facebook to post a photo of the deceased person killed in a boarding school in Thung Song. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, the teacher refused to admit to the hospital. My 14-year-old son slept for 3 days.

By "I do not know what to do." My son is jealous for three days. I did not go to the hospital for 6 hours to sleep and go to the hospital to kill the child. I do not want to go to the first day of the doctor, the doctor told me that 6-8 hours had died and then they could not help. (Punishable person is punished).

Later, the reporter was able to check the incident on the right hand side of Elfant, Wan Hao Ham Mo 6 in Kanchanadi District, Surat Thani. Papin Nilapun's 14-year-old son and Mrs. Patcharin Nuntun

Mr. Papun said he had finished his son Nakhon Si Tammarat four years ago from November 19th to the second half of the day. The schoolteacher urges me to say that my son is severely ill. Hurry up to see the boy. But the child was hospitalized. Because the heart stops So you rush to the hospital and meet other teachers. I went to see the baby and died.

Mr. Papun also asked for all the talk of the teacher after his death. I know that since November 16 the child can not be reached, but on November 19 he was sent for treatment, and his son would be seriously ill and in a hurry. Contact a physician before you talk. His son died about 6 hours before he was suffering from heavy water and lung infections. This is awesome and keep thinking. Why do schools and teachers do not send children to recovery? The hospital is located behind the school.

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