Saturday , June 19 2021

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"Novak Djokovic" "Alexander Sanders" is the second British ATP collection of tennis

Today, (November 15, 61), two Towers in London, England, won the $ 49 million ATP Playoff finals of $ 263 million seven hundred thousand dollars. Four of the four pictures he plays at Gaga, Gustav Kiting.

In the first match "Novak Yakovic" and two former tennis players, former five-time Serbia's "Alban Sanders", who won the third arm in Germany. At the first gathering 75% of the players accounted for 75% of the total score. 1 draw Two chances to win the championship 6 times.
Roger Federer met with Shilis in the final. Rexham 1, Victory 1, John Isner won

Marin Chilch, 5th in Croatia, and 8th John Isner from the United States. Although Chisina won 7 points and was more than 2 meters, Iss scored 3 goals and served 17 units, but Chilly scored 89 points in his first career. For the 4th time John Isner, 6-7, Tiger 2-7, 6-3,6-4 lost to Chilch 1 and lost 1 time.
The result of the collection was the third in the rating, and Yakakovik met with Novak Djokovic in the last 8th final, while Isner lost two. Shock

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