Wednesday , October 5 2022

Novavida supports immune-cancer research.


Bangkok – Nov. 12 – Nova Vida

Novavida Integrated Medical Center offers 100,000 baths to the Center of Excellence on Cancer Therapy Clinic of Medicine Hong Savisak Vorakornitsit, Hun Anant Tavesangsiri, Jun Sorsas Vititakornitsit and Hun Tritis Pisitkul, Head of System Biology Center Chulalongkorn University Donor, Shalalongkorn Memorial Hospital at the Pharmacy Faculty

CU Cancer Immunotherapy Fund, Center for Immunotherapy Practice, Cancer The University of Chulalongkorn University, Dr. Tritis Pitsutkkul described the data as an oncological illness.

"We develop anti-cancer antibodies. How can I open the leucocytes function? The PD-1 protein discovered by Nobel Prize laureate Tasuku Hongo leads to the development of cancer treatment. Some of the cancer cells. The proteins that bind to PD-1 block the lymphocytes as a "brake" to stop white blood cells to fight cancer.

Antibodies developed here are immune control inhibitors, which stops the process of lifting the brake that opens the white blood cell service. Cancer cells can be removed. We have natural processes that effectively detect and eliminate cancer cells. Only some processes are blocked. This antibody is a hope for cancer treatment in Thailand in the future. This applies to imported medicines and high prices.

In patients who are responsible for preparations. It has a very good therapeutic effect. It works well with other immunotherapies. Immunotherapy Center This drug is an alternative to Thai people. Currently, research is underway to predict the antibody response. By checking the gene. Center. A gene analysis was made to predict the drug. «

Stakeholders: Chulalongkorn Memorial Cancer Center Sberbank Faculty # 408-004443-4 Siamese Commercial Bank E-mail: [email protected], CU Cancer Immunotheraperapy Fund's Facebook Fan Site.

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