Sunday , April 2 2023

Only 500 bills for pre-ordered Vivo V15!


Opening Pre-order Vivo V15 Pro Removed today Vivo Overruled Preorder It looks like a different version Vivo V15 Price is 10,999 baths There are 2 colors to choose from, including Topaz blue (Blue) and Glamor is red (Red) Pre-orders for interested parties before anyone can take possession of itMarch 16-27, 2019 The terms of the order are set out below.

More about booking conditions

Customers can make and receive vendors Vivo Brand Shop with the following details:

  • Customers who make orders Vivo V15 Horse Vivo branding shop Every industry and dealer shop Get the right device before and get many other benefits:
      1. Clients receive Vivo VIP card (24-month car warranty included, 1 year unrestricted screen replacement guarantee)
      2. Clients receive Vivo V15 Series Gift Set It is equal to 1,099 baht
      3. Clients receive Songkran Gift Set is 1,199 baths
      4. The customer pays 500 bills. Fill out your booking details and check your reservation fully If Vivo Service (Thailand) Company Limited is not responsible for any reservation, do not respond to any circumstances.
      5. You need to get a reservation form Copy a copy of the Product ID card Please pay the difference on the date you received

  • Clients can get the device. Vivo V15 Only in the orderly branch, if it does not, it will refuse it for free. Deposit can be returned in all cases
  • The booking start time will begin March 16-27, 2019 Only Vivo branding shop All affiliates and dealers across the country
  • The Company reserves the right to amend the terms. There is no need for advance notice
  • If you have any questions about your order, please contact: Vivo Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 729 / 117-121 Bang Phongphang Subdistrict, Yannawa District, Bangkok 10120 Tel.2-284-0333 Fax 02-2943988 Call Center 02 -294-3111-2 or
  • For those who make a note Vivo V15Pro The appliance can be purchased with free items March 28, 2019 Hereafter


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