Monday , June 27 2022

Parker will set a new record next to the day


Pictures of NASA

On October 29, 13.04 local time in the United States Parker Solar Probe NASA's National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) creates new statistics close to the Sun at the nearest distance made by search engines. Within the framework of US-German cooperation, 42.73 mln. The original Km spacecraft exceeds the original Helios 2 spacecraft. 1976 April

Parker's solar engine, Helix 2, broke a record speed, which was at 246,960 km / h (246,960 km / h). Such a direction. In the near future, he is determined to break down many statistics.

Parker was sent from Cape Cañaralli, Florida, on August 12. After 78 days, it is planned to fly to the 24 sunshine soon enough to achieve the goal, which will be better at any given time due to the completion of the final round by 2025. From Parker's Day, 6.16 million KM is located at a distance and is gravitational with the maximum speed of the sun. The forecast of 690,000 km spacecraft.

The Parker sunshine test is made of special carbon compounds. Destroy all intelligence devices in crafts to prevent heat and radiation from sunlight.

Purpose of the day study. Finding a central responsibility in the solar system. Why is the outside atmosphere of the sun called corona, much more than the star surface temperature? Find the answer. What is the fastest speed of the catalyst in the sun's strongest line?

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