Saturday , June 3 2023

Pay attention! The shooting of the southern hemisphere continues to afflict more than 2,500 people


Department for Disease Prevention and Control found measles to kill young children. The number of 4 patients at the southern southern boundary reached 2,560, resulting in 18 deaths.

Girl's meat – November 21 Dr. Suwit Dharmala Director of the Disease Prevention and Control Department in Songkla Province (12th) has identified the measles state in the southern region.

From January 1 to November 61, 61 people were identified, the highest is Yale, 1 348 cases, then Patan, 741 cases, Songkhla 238 and Narathiwat 173. 18 people in Yalada, 10 in Petta and one in Songkhla.

Dr. Suwatch said the patients would still meet. Girl's meat Continuous Since August the number of patients has increased, and the disease has fallen. Basically 4 southern provinces. Patient Death 7-month-old 2-year-olds did not eat too much for 6 months. All patients were admitted to hospital with pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, which never received vaccination. Some people do not have enough age to vaccinate.

Department of Disease Prevention and Control It's a good thing. During the first four years, children should be immunized for the first time for 9-12 months for beet and 2½ years for the first time. Which are the nutrients best? Redness has a deficiency of Vitamin A. Symptoms can be severe and may cause blindness.

Girl Girl – It's a Disease Girl's meat can be found in nose and food. The virus spreads through the chest, saliva, saliva and respiration. Sometimes the virus is in the air. If respiratory contamination is infected with the virus, it can cause illness, inflammation, cough, mucus, conjunctiva, red eye, small spots on the cheek. You need to go to the doctor right away.

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