Wednesday , May 18 2022

. Tell the teacher that you are a liar Do not disclose the story because of the engagement procedure.


. As I said, he is not a liar, even though he is not a liar.

Girl / Internet World Rangsit in Tangaburi, Patum-Thani Province, shared photos with students at the reception, the director of the school was dismissed. Before contacting the reporter before contacting the Tsanjabi Police Force (investigation) Bonton Banttie. Reputation affects the teacher The teacher has never opened the school. My parents invited me to speak. I agree that the photographs do not fit. Yes, resignation. About News.

On November 10, girls will be photographed for progress. I've been using it for several years.

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"You know what you say, it's all false. You know the truth You know what he said to our parents that day. But why do you talk about it today? Back to top You're all slandering us even if you do not see us. Would you mind telling this? We walked in hand and lived together in school, but it was not true. The teacher was very disappointed with the "

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