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The prime minister was re-elected several times. Manage other 8 billion damaged rice.


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November 7, 2018


The Prime Minister warned that about 8 billion rice was not harvested. Several times politically open. Elections!

January 7, at 14.30 am in Kanchanaburi. The prime minister and the head of the National Peace Corps (KBC) General Prayut Chanoche Visit the Military District 17, Ban Thai, Muang Kanchanaburi. After checking the boat on the Kwai River. Kwai Noi River and Mae Klong River. For the Green Amy project, the "Green Farmer" is for the people and for the people. Safe agricultural conversion certificates were issued to certified farmers from 8 provinces in the lower central and western provinces.

Then the prime minister. Now the wind was up, because it went to many places. I am very pleased with the results. Morning Fellowship After a lunch in the army. Because the soldiers are their offspring. Farmers should be able to move to new farming, reduce costs, reduce costs, go organic farming, use chemicals or controlled quantities. Today we can not do that. I do not know what to do.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to develop rice varieties in our country today. We did not lose rice products. But we need to know what kind of people we eat. People eat rice, it's not the same. It is necessary to plant in accordance with standards. And this is not expensive rice planting. The pineapples say that you are not ready for another five years. How do you fix it? Or the government. Or planted. We can not get all the money.

"We used to rice before. The damage is over eight thousand million. Do we have the right to go away without understanding something again? I do not know how to do this. Because beyond the price. We do not sell more than 7-8 thousand, we can not compete. It should compete with the world market, "the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister wrote a 6 year long 20-year strategic plan on a wide scale. Compass for Thai security. Rich and steady gathering needs throughout the country. Also note the short-term budget. Medium and long term If not, this is not the case. There will be subsequent governments. Both national and national strategies are set up to run both the opposition and the government, and all governments will do the same. Pay attention to both public and minority groups. It is also important to encourage the use of military spheres in the public interest. What benefits do people and people have? The army is very happy.

"There are people asking why the soldiers were there. If the soldiers do not have a place to care for today. No place now. Many people try to mislead you. Distort the army. I was previously a soldier. This is 40-year-old troops, and today the Prime Minister is still in the conscience of the army. Politics is another one. Why are not we transparent about politics? Clean and efficient. If you select only the streams with the current selection, it will not happen. We have to choose. I am convinced that the elections are trustworthy. Who can say? About this, but how do you listen? I do not know, "said the prime minister.

Gene Prayut does not know whether the government's future plans or strategies are still alive or not. I tried to get started, but I still can not implement my strategy. People are ready to destroy. If you do not like what you want to say, you are right. Can you do it If there is no strategy, then there is no law. Everything will be weak.

"Today's national strategy should be born. Otherwise, kindness will wait. It's time to say, but do not try it. If this is not good. I can do all that. This is a government example as well as a home. If the model does not work, it will not be stable. Today, we are on the right track, "said the prime minister.

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