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Union of financial organizations


Union of financial organizations

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Opening Ceremony of the Director of the State Savings Bank, Mr. Chatchai Bonnuaci, "8th Regional Financial Society Public Relations Organization in 2018" Minister of the Prime Minister's Office Dr. Kobkasak Bhutrakul Lecture. The Law on Financial Institutions, ……….. Sathit Limpongpan Chairman of the National Strategic Initiative for Competitiveness Lectures on the topic. "Sustainable Business Management" and Professor Dr. Narumol Pinosinwat Deputy Minister of Finance Lecture on the subject The library policy is aimed at addressing the poverty problem, "said VF. Lóm, Trat, Thailand Professor Suvít Piano, "The Importance of Prosperity in Sustainable Development"

Mr. Chatscha Bonongwai, Director of the Savings Bank Savings Bank Government Savings Bank has launched a network of financial institutions in four regions since 2010, thanks to the partnership of all partners. Network of Rural and Municipal Resources Public Finance Institution It also includes partners who aim to provide people with a continuous and thorough access to financial services. The event strengthens communication and understanding. Network administrators, financial community and savings bank. This is the ability to share teaching and develop the way of development. The most effective

The era of today's transformation. Everyone needs to be corrected. In particular, technology plays an important role in everyday life. Modern technologies that ensure the care of people in society. At present, the Bank of Thailand will provide the community and community financial institutions with the potential and readiness. Electronic payment services or 'community banking services'

Government Savings Bank provides cost-effective and safe financial support, and MyMo Mobile Banking is available as a convenient and affordable financial service. This will allow society to achieve equal access to financial services.

In addition, the Bank has been preparing for the development of strong financial institutions. After the publication of the Law on Financial Institutions … .. will be in the future. The Sberbank is a part of e-commerce and trading system within the Community Development and E-Commerce Promotion Program. Rural stock OTOP products are also available on smartphones, tablets and / or POSs through the O2O E-Commerce platform, so buyers and sellers can easily place orders. GSB Sponsor O2O Village Grocery

"Sberbank is a social bank to help save money. This event invited all parties to know and deliver products that are good for community benefit. Do you want to create a career-ready career prospect? Revenue is fully integrated into society. Strengthening the Society in all aspects of all dimensions. Public finance organizations have learned about this research. You can contact people in the community. To build strength and stability, "he said.

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