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What is the difference between these two? Deputies find members


Mark left 8 jobs, finished the celebration of the deputy head of mission – ex-deputies – 2.5 million MPs Determined the members who are outside of the order of the NCC. Return to the party.

13 Nov 61 – Democracy Party Leader Thaksin Shinawatra Announced First Meeting of the Executive Committee On November 11, after being elected at the extraordinary general assembly of the party, Chairman of the Party Council Chuan Lekay

Command norms, Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board. Participation in the meeting. At the meeting, the signatures of former parliamentarians and members of the party are required to confirm the 13/2561 membership of the National Security Council (NSC) leadership. To avoid membership. Completely call them back. The leader of the Democratic Party, the pollster, found that members were very active. In addition, it will speed up the creation of four branches of the party. Northern provinces of Fijianulok, Nakhon Si Tammarat and Sonkhla, central Hrazdan Khan and Rayong, northeastern Ubon Ratchatkhaniy and Amnat Sharoen, as well as trainings from 34 provinces. Submit a candidate for voting.

Mr. Tania said that the leader of the party, Abishit Vezhajiva, had appointed 8 deputy party leaders. Mr. Korn Chatikavanij is responsible for all political issues, Mr. Yurin Laksanavitsit, responsible for policy, Mr. Alongkhan Ponfibat, who takes care of some of the directions and strategies for Party Reform, Mr. Chinnavan Bonyacat, Head of the Branch and Coordinator. Mr. Nipon Boonamani, member of the party, Minister of Finance and Foreign Minister Panih Vicicuparn, led the Northern Region Leader, Deputy Regional Governor Sirjan Yunonthree and Coordinator Isan Somchay, Northeastern

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