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"Wissanu" has thrown a large packet Help the poor to support the "phophi".


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November 23, 2018


Wissanu dropped a large pouch. Help the poor, Petchaburi.

On November 22, 2018, at the Government House, at the Government House, Deputy Prime Minister Vissu Krai-Ngam announced that the Government of Thailand has approved the Government Support Fund and Farmers Cabinet. The Cabinet can support the four-party National-Democratic Party, which does not benefit. The Ministry of Finance recommends this. Do not give anything to anyone. The Cabinet has long since given the project a New Year's gift to the people to immediately announce about their election to the Royal Decree (election). He offered it. He does not go to any party. Leave it for a long time if you want. I do not know what to do.

"In the government, people are often considered useful when they are involved in politics. Let's try it all. We need to clarify. The Election Commission (TEC) is investigating this issue, but the election has already been completed. What does the government do? It's a government full of power, "Mr. Winsu said.

The reporter asked. Even the Constitution gives power to the authorities. I do not know what to do. Remember that this government will remain until the new government is formed. If you think that you can do everything with the government's etiquette. If the elections are over, I think. But the new government was not. Floods, fires, earthquakes and more. creates the current government. The problem is that the Constitution is relaxing.

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