Thursday , September 29 2022

Фалька Беген Metz tomorrow Aslan!


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GalatasarayGo through the verdigris to add colors since long time Radcliffe Falkoca"Finally, reach your destination. Sary-Kırmızılılar was greatly qualified to announce the transfer of the 33-year-old Colombian striker, who has turned Monaco's contract renewal, on the weekend.

CIM-Bom said it would pay 5 million euros to the French club for Falcao's bonus. Monaco PU Aksay METZ The jackpots to play in the match will be the team of five teams that will be wearing a great KEZ FALCAO "traffic is expected to arrive in Turkey at the weekend.

Monaco's Metz will play Mac TSI at 21:00. Falcao is expected to start at Macao Me 11.

Mustafa Cengiz: HAPTAYA, Sci-fi WORKING BREAKING ME "& # 39; & # 39;

Contacting the Falcao transfer, President and President Mustafa Jenge, "Di Studies is doing. Good for his sake. What's nice with Mevlt, Eyles. The week ends, I do not know, we work, "he went out.

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