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13 advantages of drinking a glass of lemon juice every day! – Health and nutrition news


By drinking a glass of lemon juice, the water that you drink during the day will provide 13 changes in your body.

1- Calorie burn

According to fitness experts, drinking a cup of lemon juice will add 100 calories a day.

2 accelerates fat burning

In research, drinking water boosts fat burning. We recommend lemon juice for those who want to accelerate fat burning.

3. Prevents cardiovascular disorders

Lemon is rich in potassium. The contribution of potassium to the heart and muscle is known to all, and it equates voltage.
Antioxidants found in lemon are locked to prevent cardiovascular disease.

4. Strengthens the nervous system

Limon reduces the risk of cold. It is known that the warm water of lemons is good for cold. Antiseptic effect of lemon prevents nasal and swelling of the food.

5- Prevents kidney stones formation

The kidney concentrations increase, and kidney stones appear. Citric acid, which increases the urine and pH value, prevents the appearance of kidney stones.

Research has shown that people who previously reduced renal stenosis do not develop renal stones if they drink 100 ml of lemon juice per day.

6. Prevents iron deficiency

If iron is insufficient during nutrition, iron deficiency may occur over time. Lemon is found in iron and also increases iron absorption.

7. Reduces cancer

During the study, the diet of fruit and vegetable masses prevented some types of cancer. Although not proven, research indicates that citrus fruit is at the forefront of cancer.

8 – Bad breath

You can save it with a quiet smell. Thanks to citric acid lemon juice has a bad odor.

9 – strengthens digestion

Carbohydrates live in one of the 10th of lemons. The most common fiber in lemons is pectin. This easy-soluble fiber is good for your health and regulates digestion.

To benefit from the fiber, you must also use the shell. The best way is to absorb the lemon into half and then boil it in water and drink it with warm water.

10- Reduces cholesterol

The study of lemon, diosine and hiperperienda substances reduces cholesterol.

11- Prevents inflammation

Ascorbic acid in lemon prevents inflammation. Hot lemon juice to prevent colds.

12- Fights with wrinkles

Lemon protects collagen. When you are old, decline of collagen creates wrinkles.

13- Brightens your teeth

In order to ensure that you have more white teeth, put on teeth after adding 1 minute lemon juice and carbonate to keep your teeth shake.

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