Tuesday , August 16 2022

Ece shed her tears in her last journey


Eze Kuchchelelen, who lives in the Tachi district of Fethiye, suffered serious injuries from her legs and arms at the age of 10.

Kukshchela was taken to the Fethiye State Hospital. Ece Küçükçelen should not be diagnosed with 3 brothers, at the age of four.

Thanks to the pain, he had difficulty using his hands and arms, and diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare malignant tumor in the bones of the University of Ege University.

In the case of Ecze Kuchchelė, which started with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, despite no 4-year treatment, no improvements were made. Then, 1 year ago, Kuchchelegel refused chemotherapy and continued radiation therapy. Eje Kuchchelen, again in the case fell from 38 pounds to 58 kg.

Help from social media

Then, a young girl from Facebook asked for alternative treatment options. Kucchellen, who has been quoted on the social media page, says: "For the past five years, I have been struggling to survive cancer.

Cancer was seen as a cancerous tumor in most cases. Surgery was performed. I've got 18 cycles of chemotherapy, but it does not work. I have no cure for the last 1 year. There are many treatments, but it does not match the state.

I did not get cured for 1 year, and my illness increased too much. I have a pain in my back, my back and my bones.

I need treatment as soon as possible. I am 38 kg. Many politicians have asked for financial assistance for alternative treatment, but none of them fulfilled their pledges.

I support you. I hope this is a momentous moment for support, "he said.

See ALTERNATIVE treatment

Turkey's support for the Küçükçelen oil became more. With the help of financial support, he received alternative treatment in a private hospital in Antalya. Despite the intervention of doctors in the morning, Kuchchele was treated for 2 months.

Today, the funeral of the Fethiye Kokatpe mosque in Eze Kuchelen, a lunch for dinner. The funeral ceremony was attended by the mayor of Fethiye, Beşet Sardiye, Ece Küçükçelen's father Yildiray Küçükçelen, his mother Güzin Kucucelen, other relatives and friends.


The little funeral burst into a snake, her daughter stuck to her coffin and poured tears on her coffin. After the prayer of Ece Küçükçelen, instead of Guzin Köççelen, at the burial ceremony at the funeral ceremony, "Do not go to the girl, you are not childless.

How do we put you in the grave? The funeral of Ecea Kuchchelle was sent to the tomb of Hallac and was hidden in his eyes.


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