Monday , January 30 2023

Fazıl Saydan Hoqan Hatipoğlu: What Do You Do?


Fazyl Say has posted this message at Instagram account:
"From the moment we entered social media, we first counted our followers in 2006. I have not been able to share 150 paintings on my page in the last 7-8 days, and I do not know if there is a topic that I do not know. I've had a lot of discussions in social media, and even with my own priorities, I have supported my idea and sometimes left my impression. The problem is that the lovers' favorite is the stage, as far as I know, it is difficult to change some people's prior notes, it is difficult to break the atom, I defended myself, and I found it to be right. Something interesting is every day before me, sometimes life's stream, the lives of people we do not know, the things that happen on the planet, sometimes it attracts us, and sometimes does not attract us. If there is no rebellion, nausea, fascism, and cruelty, I think there is no problem on these pages, and there is no reason to leave. We may draw pictures as blocks, perhaps even small, but about the sharing of knowledge, valuable comments, ideas and personal exchanges, one by one. Each picture is the world. Instead of contaminating the Internet. It's a dusty cloud of all Arab bandits; During three days 609 thousand people reached 607 thousand people. It is good for me. But this is a philosophical issue in the country, and it is a personal matter. I am interested not to share my art and art for another reason, "the opposite of the pictures" does not come back; so "in Turkey I have difficulty knowing my artwork zormuş.b.


Hakan Hatipoğlu, who is known for his "Do not Think It," said, "I have the same festive occasions and holidays." Fazyl Sai asked Hatipopongo, "What are you doing?"

Then, after messages posted on social networks, users have made comments, "How Do You Know Hacker Hacker?", "Fazil Abi Shame." Shortly after destroying the explanation of Hakan Hatipoğlu.

– I'm not a world-renowned artist.

Hakipoglu shares the interview section of the Instagram section: "I think if you usually ask Fazil Beyke this question (I do not think), then why not ask me why two years later someone asks me? "I ask. At least two years ago I knew about it. "Maybe I'm not a world-renowned artist, but at least I am a person, and I know that outside the street knows and knows that there is no need for an artist to be a beauty in the world."

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