Sunday , August 7 2022

FINAL MINUTES News! Gasoline and diesel prices are expected to grow


Gasoline and diesel oil have been raised. Fuel prices in the international markets have increased by 6 cents, diesel fuel – by 17 cents.

Gasoline prices in the international markets will increase from $ 559 to $ 565, while diesel fuel prices will increase from $ 538 to $ 564, and will increase the price of depots. In this regard, from Monday, gasoline is expected to rise by 6 cents and diesel by 17 cents.

With a rise of 6 cents per liter, gasoline in Istanbul costs 6.59 pounds per liter, Ankara – 6.67 pounds, İzmir – 6.65 pounds, Istanbul diesel fuel pump – from 17 cents to 6.00 pounds in Ankara and İzmir 6.18 to 6.25 pounds Sterling is expected to rise in price

In Turkey, fuel prices are calculated and three basic data are being considered. Brent oil prices and international markets (diesel and gasoline) and dollar exchange rate. Their growth is reflected in the pumping elevation. Otherwise, prices are falling.

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