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Focus on Fenerbahce! – Fenerbahce news


Fenerbahçe& # 39; S AnderlechtOn the 82nd minute of the day, he was seen as a daily guest and won 2-0. This photo was, in fact, a phenomenon of what happened in Fenerbahce from the beginning of June.

One goal per minute, one help – night star Matthew Valbuena, replace it View Ismail's full profileOn the left. Coach wanted to make the heroine of Cohen Galatasaray and Anderlecht matches stands. Therefore, everything stood. Not only fans, but also a lover, watched the match and President Alik Kok and the whole administration. Everybody welcomed the Valbuena. However, someone decided to stay away from these holidays.

No good results!

At the beginning of June, he was appointed as the team's sports director. ComolliHe was no other. Why did Comolley do not attend this celebration? There are numerous accusations in this area. The most interesting thing is that after the disbandment of Phillipp Cocu, Komolli interviewed technicians, but President Ali Koç did not approve them, and for a time decided to continue with Coeman. Comolli is inconvenient with this application and its good results.


Another accusation is dissatisfaction with the execution of Selahattin Baka, the government official. Comolley is no longer concerned about the failure and ending. Another is Valbuena. Comolley and Philip Coke were 100% rewarded when they were not hired and could not please her. Because it shows that it is not enough to manage the team. It can not accept it.

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