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French fries kill sexuality – Health News


Specialist for Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Trifon heard about acidic potatoes, blood sugar. Typhoon Garip, diy Thus, the function of the insulin causes diabetes. It causes sexual problems for men and women

The Specialist for Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Typhoon, explains why it is important to have diabetes in the country. Comments:

Excessive drinking, frequent urination, weight loss, recurring infections, restlessness in the hands and feet, severe deficiency and the major symptoms of coma – diabetes in severe cases.

Heart attacks, heart failure, cerebral palsy, blindness, renal insufficiency, vascular diseases (vascular diseases), nerve damage, and diabetes.

Contact Typhoon directly

Contact Typhoon directly

Good blood sugar control (good glycemic control) is important both for men and women for healthy diabetes. Blood sugar flux (high and low sugar levels) can have a negative effect on sexual life.

High malnutrition in men can lead to statelessness and erectile problems, and sugar can lead to high levels of vaginal infections in women and can cause pain and discomfort.


High-grade glycemic products quickly absorb blood sugar. Ready-made foodstuffs, fast-food products (eg fried potatoes, hamburgers, etc.) can cause sudden growth of blood sugar, which prevents normal release of insulin.

In general, nutrition; Foods with saturated and transit oil, sugar and salt should be restricted, such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts or yoghurt.

Diabetes-02 -12C


Diabetes mellitus is a lifelong chronic disease. During treatment, the sugar in the blood falls into normal limits.

Normal blood sugar levels protect the person against the effects of sugar.

Sugars should be used in a timely manner and regularly.

Insulin is not dependent. The hormone needed to balance blood sugar.

The weight must be kept in the best possible size.

A regular training plan should be developed.

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